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Full Report Calculation

Get accurate historical data tracing back to your first-ever crypto transaction.

Track. Identify. Report.

Bittax engine maximizes accuracy and tax efficiency while consolidating your tax liability under the law, by performing Specific Identification on the blockchain.

Full IRS 8949 Form for Crypto

Easily produce your crypto 8949 IRS form using Bittax’s crypto tax calculation.

Tax Planning Algorithm

Pre-plan your taxes and ease your crypto tax burden. Track and consolidate crypto tax liabilities without compromising privacy.


Track your crypto taxes

Optimize your tax results and get up to 3 calculation methods.

Generate tax reports directly

Go ahead review your tax summary and download the reports you need all calculated by Bittax!


True, correct and complete tax reports

Bittax is an effective and reliable platform for cryptocurrency tax filing,
due to its blockchain-based technology, designed specifically to meet the highest standards of tax law and regulation.

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