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Bittax is the most effective and reliable platform for cryptocurrency tax filing due to its Blockchain based technology, designed specifically to meet the highest standards of tax law and regulation.

Decentralization Doesn’t Negate Taxation, Bittax CEO Says. Gidi Bar Zakay speaks about how taxation has evolved in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Expect ‘large increase’ in cryptocurrency taxes filed for 2018.

 Gidi Bar Zakay, CEO and founder of Bittax about cryptocurrency tax obligations for users and how the regulatory landscape is taking shape around the globe. 

Should Bitcoin Be Regulated By Centralized Governments? 

Jeff Berwick describes himself as an Anarcho-Capitalist and Libertarian that finds bankes and stats as the two biggest enemies of humanity. At Bitcoin Summit held in Tel Aviv Berwick debated with Bittax CEO Gidi Bar Zakay who believes that regulation will be the main factor for bitcoin massive adoption.

Watch the Debate:

Ducking bitcoin taxes will not help industry grow.

Early bitcoin believers ventured into the digital currency industry because of its autonomy and anonymity. but the anti-establishment attitude cannot help the sector grow, according to Bittax Vice President, Or Cohen Lokay.

Biggest Israeli Bitcoin Conference Brings Original Cypherpunks and Regulators to the Table

Held at Tel Aviv University, the Bitcoin Summit marked the biggest industry event in Israel to-date, and attendees took note as the technology’s core advocates and its traditional regulatory counterparts spoke on the importance of finding common ground. 

Bitcoin taxes: 61% of holders won’t report losses to irs

The U.S tax season has begun, and this might finally be the year to declare your bitcoin and crypto-assets. Sure, bitcoin taxes can be complicated, but research suggests that 61% of holders don’t realize they can write off last year’s losses as a tax deduction.

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