Bittax academy for tax professionals

Crypto Taxation Course for Tax Pros

Part 1
Cryptocurrency Basics for Tax Pros

1. The basics of Blockchain technology

2. Bitcoin, Ethereum and alternative coins

3. Forks and Airdrops

4. Cryptocurrency Wallets

5. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Part 2
IRS & Crypto-tax basics

1. IRS definition for Virtual & Cryptocurrencies

2. Taxable events in Cryptocurrency

3. Required and record information

4. FIFO vs. Specific identification

5. Tips and Tools for tax pros

Part 3
IRS New Guidance

Practical work – how to calculate crypto tax
1. Helping your client with data collection
2. Understanding the client crypto activity
3. Making sure there is no missing information
4. Which Excel sheet a tax pro should get to fill crypto tax activity

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