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Exchange data
Validate and complete
Tax report

Bittax’s Full Package

Optimize your tax result with our unique algorithm and get up to 3 calculation methods.


Unique Tax Planning Algorithm

Pre-plan your taxes per your online trading transactions on-the-go and don’t wait until January to pay in retrospect. Ease your crypto tax burden with our unique easy-to-use planning algorithm. Track and consolidate tax liabilities derived from cryptocurrency holdings and activities, without compromising privacy.

Track. Identify. Report.

Bittax performs specific identification for crypto transactions on the blockchain, thereby guaranteeing maximum record transparency. We can pinpoint the specific record you used for each Bitcoin transaction, maximizing accuracy in calculating a report based on your exact crypto outputs in accordance with tax law.

Full Report Calculation.

Full Report Calculation

Our system provides accurate historical transactional data tracing back to your first-ever crypto transaction. Full calculation and optimization results in a precise and reliable report as required by the IRS.

Have you received a letter from the IRS concerning your crypto holdings? 

We can help.

Our platform is tailored to ensure proper compliance
with tax regulations for crypto traders. 

True, Correct and Complete Tax Reports

Bittax is an effective and reliable platform for cryptocurrency tax filing due to its blockchain-based technology designed specifically to meet the highest standards of tax law and regulation.

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